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The Winery

The firm will to give form and substance to a passion, led to the foundation to the Winery Bosco de’ Medici, during the 2017 summer. This is a place designed as a multifunctional “container” of activities ranging from production to reception. 

The Palomba Family, in order to let you experience the culinary art of our territory, is proud to offer the products from the Bosco de’ Medici organic garden and lands owned on Mt. Vesuvius, expertly crafted by the Italian chef Gioacchino Nocera.

Some dishes follow old recipes, handed down by great grandmother Colomba to Grandma Emiddia and then to her grandchildren. We hope you’ll live a cultural experience to take inside your heart in order to have memories for a long time.

The Bistrot Bosco de 'Medici is open all year.

  • The Wine Cellar: this place is the precise incarnation of the company philosophy, where our wines take shape. It is structured with steel silos, temperature-controlled, and machinery for the winemaking. 

  • The amphorae & barrels room: The place where, among terracotta amphorae and oak barrels of different sizes, our wines have the possibility to evolve, reaching the desire shape. 

  • The Tasting Room and the Vineyard: An area dedicated to the reception and the tasting of our products and the delicacies of the territory, served by our staff. An area that can be used both in winter and summer, with a modern and rustic setting combined together. Our guests, under the different aspects of the Tasting Pompeii, are led by our staff  the sommelier in the tasting room and the guide in the vineyard) to discover the secrets of the company production and the multi-millennial history of the “chora pompeiana”.

  • Events room & bistrot: at the first floor of the structure there is a comfortable room for the “homemade events” and private events, that also acts like a bistrot.