Wine Tasting

Our sommeliers are ready to guide you in the tasting of the company's wines. You will discover the real Vesuvian wine.

Tour of the vineyards

A tour of our experimental vineyard during which our guides will show you the results of the biodynamic project.

18th century farmhouse and archaeological site

You will be able to visit an eighteenth-century farmhouse and to cross the small necropolis of Porta Sarno dated II century BC - 1st century AD.

Cellar and Amphoraia

You will discover the rooms where our wines take shape and the project of wine in amphora.

45.00 €


The TPT Vesuvio represents the basic level of experience.

Tour + Tasting + Lunch

MENU’: Based on the typical Vesuvian cuisine 

Wines: 3 wines + 1 Sparkling

Welcome in the Cellar: Tasting of Olive oil with Bruschetta

De' Medici Starter: Provolone del Monaco with Jam, Neapolitan Salami, Prosciutto, Smoked scamorza, Lemon flavored ricotta cheese

First Course: Paccheri Pasta with tomatoes of Mt. Vesuvius and basil

Dessert: Babà with Limoncello and pastry cream


Ancient Pompeii

Represents the second level of experience, what propels us into the ancient history of this territory.

Tour + Tasting + Lunch

MENU’: Based on the receipts of the ancient Roman cook, Marco Gaio Apicio. 

Wines: 4 wines + 1 Sparkling

Welcome in the Cellar: Tasting of Olive oil with Bruschetta 

From the Vegetable Garden: "Hordeum" salad with vegetables from our garden with fermented sauce and shrimps

The Fish: Salmon cooked in lightly smoked salt with cereal bread, caper flower and sour sauce

The Meat: Suckling pig with dried figs and wild herbs

Dessert: Ancient wheat cake, wild cherries, blackberries and black currants

45.00 €

KM 0

The TPT KM0 is based on the products that come from our biological garden.

Tour + Tasting + Lunch

MENU’: Based on "km0" philosophy. 

Wines: 4 wines + 1 Sparkling

Welcome in the Cellar: Tasting of Olive oil with Bruschetta


Neapolitan meatball served on ricotta cream

Savoy cabbage and potato parmigiana

Arancino with Vesuvian saffron

Spring omelette with vegetables

Platter of local cured meats and cheeses and pickles

First Course: Macaroni with potatoes, bacon, peas and provolone del Monaco cheese

Dessert: Soft lemon with fresh fruit and citrus crumble

75.00 €

Grand Cru
Tempio di Giove

Represents the third level of experience, the one that will allow you to live a high-profile food and wine experience.

Tour + Tasting + Lunch

MENU’ : Based on the typical products of the Neapolitan area, proposed in an international version

Wines: 4 wines, 2 sparkling

Welcome in the Cellar: Tasting of Olive oil with Bruschetta

De’ Medici Starter: Neapolitan Salami, Prosciutto, Buffalo mozzarella, Provolone del monaco with jam, Eggplant parmigiana, Pasta timbale, Potato cake

First Course: Grandma Emiddia Raviolo with ancient, Neapolitan tomatoes Slow Food

Second Course: Entrecote with seasonal vegetables

Dessert: BDM Dessert



75.00 €

Grand Cru
Villa dei Misteri

Represents the third level of experience, the one that will allow you to live a high-profile food and wine experience.

Tour + Tasting + Lunch

MENU’ : Based on the typical sea fishes of the Neapolitan Gulf, proposed
in an international version.

Wines: 4 wines, 2 Sparkling

Welcome in the Cellar: Tasting of Olive oil with Bruschetta

De’ Medici Starter: Octopus browned on mixed salads from the Bosco de 'Medici garden

First Course: Raviolo stuffed with sea bass in a seafood stew

Second Course:Fillet of turbot in an aromatic panura

Dessert: Tiramisù


Horses Riding

A crossover activity with our riding school. A way to experience a complete experience in our estate, combining the enogastronomic journey with an exciting adventure of approaching the equestrian world. The activity is also aimed at children (ages 5 and up).

30 minutes + Tour + Lunch

VESUVIUS : 100,00 €

POMPEII: 115,00 €

GRAN CRU: 135,00 € 

25.00 €


TPT Baccanalia is dedicated to true wine lovers, to those who want to concentrate their experience exclusively on wine.

Tour + Tasting

Wines: 4 wines 1 sparkling

Welcome in the Cellar: Tasting of Olive oil with Bruschetta


Is the maximum expression of the TPT. You will be able to take a guided tour of the archaeological city, lasting 3 hours, accompanied by an expert archaeological guide, who will reveal all the secrets and curiosities of the ancient city of Pompeii, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. At the end of the tour to the excavations, the experience will be completed with the visit and tasting lunch at our estate.

3 hours to ruins + Tasting Pompeii Tour

VESUVIUS :  180,00 € 40,00 € pax for lunch;

POMPEII :  180,00 € + 55,00 € pax for lunch;

GRAN CRU :  180,00 € + 75,00 € pax for lunch.

Everyone is Welcome

Exclusive spaces

We offer some exclusive spaces to make you live intensely the Tasting Pompeii Tour.

The Barrel Room

The indoor spaces of our winery are designed to be versatile. Our barrel room hosts the refinement process of our wines, but also your exclusive events.  A “wine” atmosphere for your evenings.

Design and make your own private event in our cellar, starting from € 500,00

Esclusive pergola

Bosco de' Medici has got different souls.
It's the place where all our wines are made and it's where we host who has the curiosity and the passion to discover our secrets and to taste our wine and food proposal.
We give you the chance to live a deep culinary experience in our exclusive vineyard.

Design and make your own private event in our exclusive supply chain, starting from € 140,00 for persorn.

Unique experiences

Tasting Pompeii Tour is enriched with a new range of experiences to be lived also outside the Bosco de 'Medici Estate.

Bosco de’ Medici Cru

Each Winery has its special wines, made with the best grapes or,  as in our case, coming from the most significant vineyard among those owned by us. Well, let's talk about real “cru”. This tasting will let you taste both Dressel 19.2 and Agathos.

Choose from our Tasting Pompeii Tour menu and with an addition of € 15,00 you can taste our two “Cru”.

Sunset Tasting Pompeii Tour

The vineyards and nature in the evening take on different, evocative colors!We propose you to live our Tasting Pompeii Tour at sunset. Every day, on reservation, starting at 7:00 pm you can taste one of our menus and visit our estate guided by our staff.

Bosco de’ Medici into the Villa

If you are on vacation in the marvelous villas of the Sorrento and Amalfi coast, and you want to organize a wonderful dinner, the staff of Bosco de’ Medici is ready to satisfy your needs by providing chef and sommelier for a tasty evening! Starting from € 120,00 per person.

Helicopter Tasting Pompeii Tour

The world from above has a completely different aspect. We offer an adventurous helicopter ride followed by a tasting lunch. Starting from € 350,00 per person, minimum 2 people.

Tasting Pompeii Tour on sail boat

The sea is part of our culture. The Neapolitans are sea lovers, our cuisine comes from the sea. We propose an adventurous excursion, with tasting lunch, on a sailing boat, up to the island of Capri. Min. 2 people Max 12 people. Starting from € 500,00 per person.

18th century farmhouse

Around 1700 and the first half of 1900 the Vesuvian farmhouse was the place where a family lived every moment of the day. The man worked in the fields, while his wife took care of the house, the children and the animals. Frequently the farmhouse was placed in areas of pyroclastic outcroppings, to guarantee a perfect temperature and humidity to the cellar. Frequently there are wide porches, terraces and pergolas which promote an harmonic architecture and help to give movement to the static geometry of the house. Our farmhouse been for some time the home of the brigand Pilone. He was born on 20th January 1824 in Casale Nuovo (Naples). He fought against outlaw gangs and criminals, against the anti borbonic rebels and also the garibaldini. In 1861 he started his new life as a robber, but at the service of Francis II (Ferdinand’ son). Since then, Pilone with his gang stormed trains and carriages which transported Piedmonts troops, he rescued 9 Borbonic prisoners from Torre Annunziata prison, and he looted the farmhouses of those who hosted the Savoyard soldiers. He also assaulted Terzigno, Boscoreale, Pompei, Scafati and Boscotrecase. And here where he lived he passed parading between the streets with the applause of the enthusiastic fellow citizens. After that he was promoted by king Francis as “commander of the troops in war in Naples district”. But now he became an “unwieldy” character, especially for the local gangs of camorra, because of him they saw hindered his illegal trafficking, for the wide presence of law enforcement in that area. So he was betrayed to get 1500 lires of reward by his old friend, Salvatore Giordano, so on the 14th of October in 1870 they went in Naples and Pilone was surrounded by 15 policemen and killed by one of them, subbed with a knife in the chest. At this moment we are doing restoration work to restore the building to its former glory.